Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful info on Walker Radiator Works cooling products

Which Walker radiator is best suited for my application?

Cobra Standard Series

Designed for basic small block engine applications that are stock throughout. Complete with pressure system and an oil cooler for your automatic transmission.

Cobra Standard Cool-Mate Series

This is a complete cooling package for your street rod. A Cobra radiator with transmission oil cooler, and air-condition condensor for stock engine applications.

Cobra Z-Series

The ultimate in cooling system radiators. Born to cool the massive boss big block engines, this design radiator is a must for ultra heavy-duty applications.

Cobra Z Cool-Mate Series

The same cooling power as the Z Series with all the extras needed for modified air conditioned supplied engines.

Things to know about Walker Radiator products!

All top quality materials

Complete with all connections and ready to bolt to your application. Each assembly comes complete with the following standards.

  • All top quality material
  • Designed to operate with a 15 lb. to 18 lb. capacity
  • Top tanks are stamped from .040 deep draw Brass
  • Pre-drawn heavy (12 Ga.) steel rod holder with threaded holes for all attachments (where needed)
  • Brass drain cock for easy draining
  • Oil cooler for automatic transmission
  • (Fitting size is 1/80 pipe thread. Line fitting kits are available)
  • Heavy gauge steel side brackets
  • Simple bolt-in application
  • No alterations to grill or grill shell
  • Guaranteed to cool

Air Condition Models

  • Condensor compatible for use with Freon R-12 and R-134a refrigerant
  • Easy condensor-to-conpressor-evaporator hook ups
  • Condensor fitting sizes are #6 and #8 o-ring designs
  • Securely mounted for long lasting durability

Z Series Radiators for Modified Engines

Cobra Standard Series radiators are NOT DESIGNED TO COOL any engine that has been BORED. Also big block Chevrolets, big block Fords, Ford flatheads, big block Mopars, 400 small block Chevrolets and anticipated hot running applications such as SUPER CHARGED engines. The above engine applications should use our COBRA Z Series radiators.